Pug with blanket wrapper around head to feel better fast

12 Ways to Prevent the Winter Blues and Feel Better Fast

Today I’m feeling a little under the weather, and realize you might be too. It is the season after all.

So I’m sharing some of my favorite places around the web for remedies for how to feel better fast when colds, flu, or fever strike, as well as some of what makes me feel better when I just want to curl up under the covers.

Pug with blanket wrapper around head to feel better fast
How I feel when I’m sick

But first, a PSA about the importance of preventative care!

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s always lovely when we can prevent illness in the first place. This is especially important when we have others counting on us, whether that be little ones or co-workers.

Helping prevent illness:

Exercise  – Getting your body moving is good for you (and for your baby – you can read more about that here). You don’t need to kill yourself to get the benefits of exercise. Just get your body moving, and preferably keep it moving off and on throughout the day!

Hydration – Yep, drinking enough water. Water helps us move the bad stuff out of the body. Proper hydration also helps decrease fatigue, so think about drinking a glass when you’re tired instead of reaching instinctively for caffeinated beverages like coffee or soda. Also, you might want to cut down the amount of alcohol you indulge in, as it – like coffee – can actually dehydrate you further.

  • This is the water bottle I’m carrying around with me everywhere. I love that it’s stainless steel so I don’t worry about it being in my car for a while like I would with plastic. Also, it could probably be used as a weapon if need be 😉

Nutrition – Eat real food. There are a lot of different diets out there from Paleo to the Mediterranean to Keto, and each has its benefits and believers. But all of them revolve around the idea that real food is the best. And vegetables, in particular, are the bee’s knees. Try frozen cauliflower (not fresh – I’ve tried it and unlike the frozen, it lends a weird flavor) or fresh spinach in a smoothie.

  • If you need some help with this my favorite ladies include Danielle Walker from Against All Grain for cookbooks and Allison Shaaf from Prepdish

Sleep – A fair-weather friend for so many of us, sleep is vital for healing. This can be particularly challenging when you have a newborn or if you can’t breathe well because of a stuffy nose. Make sure you’re asking for help and taking help when it’s offered so that you can get some shut-eye. And allow yourself to rest. The laundry, dishes, etc. are not as important as you. I’m preaching to the choir as well here, but all those tasks that seem like they MUST BE DONE NOW! really don’t have to be. There’s only one you, and you need to take care of her.

  • My current favorite book on the subject of sleep is Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

De-stress – I know, I know, easier said than done. But as this article from Dr. Mark Hyman points out, it can be the root of a lot of our illness. So lay your burdens down, sister. Pray and thank God for the beauty in your life, even if it’s just the way the sun warms your skin or the smell of fresh-brewed coffee.

Now onto some of my favorites for when sickness strikes, as well as links, discussing getting feeling better from around the web.

Feeling Better when Sickness Strikes

Hot tea – herbal tea is great for 2 reasons. One it soothes sore throats. And two, it helps with hydration. My favorites are Tension Tamer or any of the SleepyTime teas. (I would love to hear anyone else’s suggestions!)

Humidifier – when I get sick, I always feel like to sleep with a humidifier as the air feels so dry. I think this one looks beautiful, and I love that you can use it as a diffuser for essential oils as well.

Cough drops – If I can’t sleep because of a sore throat, I like to pop one of these in and I am able to drift off (which we know is important for healing – and for being less snippy with your loved ones….)

A myriad of natural remedies– If you guys don’t know Katie Wells from Wellness Mama, you should definitely check her out. For information junkies like me, her site is a GOLD MINE. She’s a big believer in elderberry syrup, and even has a recipe on her site. I’m super picky about whose advice I trust, and she makes the cut for me on many things.

This yoga flow from Yoga with Adriene – When I’m feeling under the weather, I get tired of lying on the couch after a while, but I also don’t want to use my brain to come up with an exercise routine of my own (anyone else love when someone else just tells me what to do sometimes?). Adriene is a little bit quirky without being off-putting and I always enjoy her videos.

Comfy clothes – I really don’t like feeling cold, but I especially hate it when I’m sick. In particular, I hate when my feet are cold. My hubby got me these fleece-lined socks and I LOVE THEM.

Funny television – Again, when I’m sick, my normally whirring mind tends to wind down a bit. They say laughter is the best medicine, so I like to assume the fetal position with some programming that won’t make me feel sicker (or maybe me being an enneagram type 7 doesn’t have the energy to deal with harder realities). My personal favorites include Parks and Recreation and Frasier.

So there you have it.

Ways to prevent the sickies, and ways to feel better fast when you do catch a bug.

Let me know what you do to heal so you can get back to feeling like yourself!

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